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Dehydrated Water Capsules
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Why we do what we do:

    Are you tired of carrying a bottle of water with you wherever you go? That heavy, cumbersome bottle of water that never seems to get any lighter or easier to handle?

    Are you tired of struggling to hold onto that awkwardly sized and shaped container that keeps slipping out of your hand?

    Are you frustrated and fed up with caps so difficult to open they can result in embarrassing spills? Or pop-up spouts that let water dribble down your chin, or leave behind messy leaks in your briefcase, gym bag or backpack? And who wants to pay for the cost of replacing all those personal water bottles that are lost, left behind in a mall, on a park bench, at the gym or on the bus?

    Well, now there is a solution! Dehydrated-water capsules can solve the problem.
Perfect for camping, picnicking, hiking, or taking a leisurely walk in the park. Great for the office, the gym, going to the grocery store or even visiting friends. They even make the ideal gift for the outdoor enthusiast who has everything!

    Wherever you go, whatever the activity, these lightweight, portable and convenient capsules are always ready to use.
Simply re-hydrate a dehydrated-water capsule in one cup of clean water and voila!
There you have it... the perfect glass of refreshing H2O.

    Please note: these capsules are NOT water purifiers. They are simply vegi-caps that can be dissolved in any preferred source of safe drinking water. Ordinary tap water will do in most cases, but if you like to live healthy (and who doesn't), you may want to use bottled, sparkling or spring water.

    Please also check the About Us page.

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